We've joined forces with the world's top lens masters, creating a match made in vision heaven. Blending the cutting-edge dispensing tech, we're delivering the ultimate in optics – offering a phenomenal trifecta of unbeatable comfort, razor-sharp precision, and jaw-dropping aesthetics. Get ready to experience eyewear like never before and see the world through dazzling new lenses!

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Burnley-Jinks Low Res-142

No-Reflection Coating

Get ready for our game-changing anti-reflection coating! With 10 times less reflectivity and hydrophobic, scratch-resistant features, this innovation revolutionizes your eyewear experience, providing crystal-clear vision without glare.

Burnley-Jinks Low Res-144

Thin / Light

Do the same with this: Introducing the worlds thinnest lenses, Thinner than 99.9% of opticians worldwide. With exclusive patented lens technology, and exclusive materials, these lenses are like nothing you've seen before.

Burnley-Jinks Low Res-63


Dark on a sunny day, clear inside. It's photochromic as you've always known it. We now offer a variant on this tried and tested lens that allows it to darken in the car, previously not possible on a standard photochromic lens!



The perfect lens for those bright sunny days or the low sun of winter. Fed up of just Grey or Brown? Our new lens partner allows us to offer you 14 different colours of polarised lens, from Jade Blue to Dark Orchid