Your peepers continue to grow and develop not just throughout that of childhood but adolescence too, so regular eye examinations are fundamental for all of these precious persons, even if they fail to be demonstrating any apparent cause for concern. Our friendly and approachable staff can guarantee to make your Stotts Opticians visit both comfortable and well considered for both you and your child.

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I was absolutely blown away at how well my children were looked after during their visit, they were both quite nervous and felt completely at ease during the whole process. Even better I was able to sit back and have a coffee and enjoy an hours peace. Wish I could bring them for every school holiday.

Diana R.
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Our Little V.I.P's

Most children will be given a brief test of how well they can see in school but this is far from a thorough eye examination as they will going to an opticians. It is still advised that you come to an opticians and have their vision checked regular as children's eyes can fluctuate with age so it's important to regularly attend their advised eye tests. As well as checking the eyes, our Opticians also evaluate the muscles and associated structures to ensure they are healthy too, so various medical concerns can be flagged up at the earliest stage possible.